The IV Line Organizer™ is designed with patented IV Linelock™ technology to safely secure, protect and help manage the IV lines used to administer critical medications and fluids. This new product is entirely unique in the healthcare marketplace.


This easy-to-use device was designed with patient safety and comfort in mind, as patient safety is our priority. An additional benefit to using the IV Line Organizer is improved productivity and efficiency of the nursing staff. Furthermore, this product can play a key role in a hospital's enterprise risk mitigation strategy.


By eliminating "IV line spaghetti" the IV Line Organizer enables nurses to quickly identify any problems that may arise involving the administration of critical medications and fluids to their patients. This product should be introduced into the patient care environment whenever a patient receives their second IV line. By following this leading practice, future IV lines added to a patient will be maintained in a controlled and orderly fashion.

There is literally no way to calculate the danger associated with a massive mess of IV lines. If there was ever a problem with one of the pumps, or the IV line associated with one of the specific medications being administered, it would take several minutes to identify the specific line affected and to untangle the mess. Those minutes are often the difference between a positive and negative patient outcome.


This key patient safety related objective applies to every patient that enters the hospital. The IV Line Organizer was designed for use in Emergency Rooms, Operating Rooms, Cath Labs, Electrophysiology Labs, Acute Care Units, IV Infusion Clinics, Adult ICUs, Neonatal ICUs, Labor & Delivery Units, Burn Units, Oncology Units, and during EMS and Life Flight transports.


Reducing the time required to monitor IV lines from the infusion pump to the patient increases the time nurses focus on other critical patient care activities.


The IV Line Organizer is the first product that delivers an optimized IV Line Management™ solution in today's modern healthcare environment.