Our Team

Doug Headlee - President & CEO

Doug has decades of experience transforming Fortune 500 legacy companies into modern Internet-based, high-functioning enterprises. He is an expert in the use of technology in today's business enterprises, change management, and business process re-engineering.

Doug graduated from Central Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, specializing in marketing and management. He immediately went to systems engineering school in Dallas, Texas where he became a software systems engineer.

After decades of developing complex customized enterprise software applications, he led a team of technicians who designed a leading-edge software application to manage logistics within the healthcare industry. This product is still used today in many world-renowned institutions.

Next, Doug spent six years with KPMG Consulting where he managed large-scale technology projects for Fortune 500 clients. Some of his major accomplishments during this period include establishing a program management office at one of the country's largest health insurance companies. He also played a key role implementing a worldwide technology command information center at one of the largest brokerage houses.

When KPMG Consulting went public, Doug was assigned the responsibility of managing the KPMG/Cisco alliance in the 15 states that consisted of Cisco's Midwest Region. During this period, he was tasked with working with the sales force to leverage six internet-based enterprise software solutions co-branded by KPMG and Cisco.

Doug's next challenge began when he was hired to turn around a small financial services firm in Northern California. Although new to the financial services industry, this was still a technology firm loaded with talent. During his first 90 days, the newly reorganized management group had increased profitability by 35% because of streamlining operational processes and leveraging assets across the various entities. The new highly-focused operating committee took only three years to meet the goals established in the Board's five-year strategic plan. This led to a very successful exit strategy in two separate transactions with some of the country's largest title companies.

Doug has spent the last 14 months building the team that has designed, developed, and is now ready to launch an entrepreneurial endeavor designed to improve patient outcomes in today's complex healthcare environment. It is also aimed at increasing the productivity, efficiency, and utilization of the highly-skilled, critical-care nursing assets that are at the center of successful patient outcomes.

Liz Steichen - Director of Client Relations

Liz began her career in 1999 after graduating from Norquest College in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She worked as a licensed Practical Nurse in the area of acute care cardiology for adults.

In 2010, Liz restarted her journey in nursing after a five-year hiatus, this time with a goal to become a Registered Nurse. That goal was realized in May, 2013 when she graduated with her Associate of Science in Nursing degree through a combined educational program from Utah State University and Provo College.

Since graduation, Liz has made it her specialty to be a float nurse and focus on adult medical surgical ICUs and specialty ICUs. She has spent the last four years perfecting the art of "floating" between units while operating as a valued team member of each unit and providing consistent quality care to patients in an ICU setting.

Life accomplishments: 2 adult children, 3rd country of residence, avid snowboarder, outstanding student of graduating class, full time ICU nurse, full-time parent, military wife, former service member who is also a full time patient with Fibromyalgia and Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disorder. "I make the choice daily, to put my patients ahead of my own physical discomfort, so I can make a difference in their lives however minor it may be. I am sure I get more out of caring for my patients than they do from me caring for them."

Dave Sharette - Chief Designer

Dave earned a bachelor's degree in Design Engineering Technology at Brigham Young University. He and his family then moved to Michigan where Dave worked at a tool and gauge company serving the automotive industry. Dave pioneered the company's efforts in machine vision technology and led the implementation of their first CAD system.

Dave's next opportunity took his family to Texas where he worked for Compaq Computer Corporation. After working several years at Compaq, Dave started his own business, Rock Solid Design Solutions, providing design and consulting services to companies like Microsoft, Dell, Gillette, Bayer, Steelcase, Solo, and Irwin Tools. He has offered his expertise in a variety of industries including medical, aerospace, automotive, sporting goods, hand tools, and consumer electronics.

Dave's most recent ventures include working on a cockpit design for a Sikorsky helicopter at Eaton Aerospace and designing enterprise flash drives for large data center installations at a start-up in Utah. Dave was the first mechanical engineer hired by the company, and he ultimately managed a team of mechanical and thermal engineers who designed industry-leading enterprise flash products. That company, Fusion-io, went public and was subsequently purchased by SanDisk, which was later acquired by Western Digital.

Besides gaining a broad range of experience in product design, Dave has also developed skills and expertise in manufacturing processes. This has taken him to India, Taiwan, Singapore, and China on many occasions to oversee tooling design, injection molding, sheet metal fabrication, packaging, assembly, and manufacturing operations.

Dave and his wife, Carolyn, live near Salt Lake City, Utah where most of their seven children still reside. When he's not designing new products, Dave can be found seeking his next injury on the Ultimate field or mountain bike trails.

Greg Headlee - Chief Financial Officer

Greg has achieved success in his career through hiring and training the best people, developing sound business processes, partnering with others for win-win solutions, and pioneering efforts utilizing innovative technology.

Greg graduated from Brigham Young University with his Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Master of Accountancy degrees. He continued his studies while working and successfully passed the CPA exam. After years of experience, he obtained his Certification in Risk Management Assurance.

Greg started his career out of Phoenix as a staff accountant for public accounting firm Deloitte & Touche. He advanced in his career by moving to Tucson and Las Vegas where he eventually was promoted to senior manager. After over 10 years with the firm he turned in his 10-key and pocket protector for a change of scenery.

The next step in Greg's progression was that of internal audit at a publicly-traded company in Vegas. It was here that he turned around the internal audit department from a necessary evil to a trusted business advisor and well-oiled machine.

After 16 plus years as an auditor, Greg made a bold move to make a go of it on his own as a business consultant. Greg has a belief that every business owner started with a vision and a passion for "something." Greg is a financial specialist that can help empower others to spend time on what's most important to them.

Clarke Headlee - Vice President Strategic Accounts

Clarke is a people person, a motivator, and a realizer of potential. "Let's not discuss the possible, let's discuss how we can achieve the impossible."

Clarke was a Non-Commissioned Officer in the Army and served as the NCOIC of the Neonatal ICU at Tripler Army Medical Center. He has studied business at Kent State University and IT at Central Michigan University. He specializes in "Getting Things Done." Challenge and overcoming obstacles are what drives him. Clarke has operated in the medical and technology sectors, both private and public. Innovative strategic planning and effective tactical execution have allowed him to be a powerful change agent. Leading from the front is what he does best.

Clarke has implemented logistical processes that have created game-changing amounts of budgeted space for ICUs. He has also managed the operational needs of cutting-edge network and communications organizations, allowing them to penetrate markets that were once thought to be captive. Making impacts throughout the entire spectrum is what he is known for.

Helping other people be successful is Clarke's mission in life. Being better than the day before is the metric. Success is the outcome.

Ron Banks - Vice President Operations

Ron’s career in Manufacturing and Operations has made him a sought-after, integral part of several highly successful companies. His 17 years of manufacturing and operations experience includes quality control, department development and operations, plant manager for a multi-million-dollar company, and directing operations for a state charter school, which brings a varied and invaluable skill set and know-how to IVLO.

Ron entered the field of manufacturing in 1993 with Reinforced Thermal Plastics (RTP) as Assistant Quality Control Manager, where he was charged with ensuring the highest possible quality product for clients. In 2001, Ron was recruited by Hess Microgen (Hess Oil) to develop and oversee the operation of its domestic and international shipping and receiving department. In 2005, yet another multi-million-dollar company, Solutions, Inc., recruited Ron as Director of Operations in charge of Production, Procurement, and Human Resources. SDP Energy recruited Ron in 2008 as Procurement and Quality Control Manager, where he oversaw equipment purchasing and operations, as well as UL testing, and supervision of work crews. Ron caught the eye of the owner and CEO of Nature’s Bakery in 2013, who head-hunted Ron to use his business sense and operations expertise to bring the already-successful four-million-dollar-a-year commercial bakery to new heights. In a single year Ron was instrumental in taking Nature’s Bakery from four million dollars in sales to twenty-four million dollars in that year. Ron retired in 2014 and moved with his family to Las Vegas. A year later he joined a start-up charter school as their Director of Operations, where he oversaw not only the closing of the temporary campus but also the construction of the new permanent facility. He continued as Director of Operations, supervising the completion of an additional wing and setting up the operation of the school for future success. In Spring 2018, Ron was sent by the CEO of the schools to Utah as Project Manager to execute and oversee one million dollars in renovation and improvement projects for six campuses. Ron retired in 2018 to be fully available and committed to the success of IVLO as its Vice President of Operations.

Michael Prendergast - Vice President Sales

Michael Prendergast is a highly accomplished executive with more than 20 years experience in sales and leadership positions. Mr. Prendergast has been immersed in the healthcare market--from Patient Safety, medical device, IT software, to high end capital equipment.

Mr. Prendergast earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Boston University.

In addition to leading the IVLO sales team, he is responsible for developing and implementing our sales and channel strategy, as well as overseeing our market expansion. Prior to joining the IVLO team, he served as Vice President Of Sales for ClearLine MD, where he was responsible for bringing the ClearLine IV System to market while developing the Sales Strategy and OR Implementation Programs. Prior to ClearLine MD, he helped lead Surgicount Medical as Area Vice President in growing its revenues to $30 million ultimately leading to its sale to Stryker Corporation for $120 million.

Richard Steiner - Director of Manufacturing, Packaging & Distribution

Richard brings new and innovative products to the consumer.

Richard studied and received his Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering while living in Poland. He then moved to the United States and proceeded to work in a highly regulated environment. His experience in training and managing manufacturing processes guided him into free enterprise where he was involved in the medical, aerospace, semiconductor, and oil industries.

Passionate about the business, Richard proceeded to operate several successful ventures. In partnership with Kuwaiti nationals, he built a start-up engineering and manufacturing company into a $56 million enterprise that was later purchased by a European corporation.

Currently, Richard is overseeing the manufacturing and distribution of several medical devices as a member of MDS Consulting, LLC, engaging in a partnership with other high-growth, potential corporations.

Richard has a most optimistic way of handling obstacles and negative events to transform them into positive life experiences.

Wally Day - Director of Engineering

Wally graduated from Electronics Engineering Technology through ITT Tech in 1992. He then went on to work in several areas of electronics. After 10 years of Elecro-Mechanical Design and over 20 patents later, he landed at Vantage Controls where he worked in the smart home automation area and found a love for 3D Mechanical design.

Wally then attended Utah Valley University to further his interest in the automation world. His passion for learning and helping others has pushed him to excel in this field. As a result, he opened his own design firm in 2003, where he has continued to design world class products for private companies, consumer products industry, the military, and the medical field.

In 2006, Wally joined the Designs X 10 team as the VP of Engineering. It was there that they developed a leading ATV aftermarket throttle. He now has over 25 patents and has worked with leading companies in the home automation field.

Wally then became Managing Director of MDS Consulting LLC in 2017. Their focus is to build a better future for everyone by managing design, production, and delivery of innovative medical products to distributors worldwide.

Wally also enjoys volunteering to help the community. He has been married to the love of his life for 24 years and has three amazing children. Wally was given the nickname "MacGyver" his hobbies include repairing most anything especially cars and having backyard barbeques.