Because patient safety is our top priority.

Patients in critical care Units are generally fighting for their lives. They are on the very edge, where small things can have a very large impact on the success or failure of a positive patient outcome. In situations such as these, it is critical that every aspect of care is organized, optimized, and focused on success. Nowhere is this more crucial than in the IV lines that provide the medications and vital liquids that sustain life.

If there is a change in the patient's status, the highly skilled critical care nurses must be able to quickly identify any problems associated with the myriad of infusion pumps and the maze of IV lines. This is an opportunity to improve patient safety, because the difference between seconds and minutes can make all the difference.

Lots of wiresIn the shortest time possible, the nurse must scan the pumps and the IV lines to determine if one of these is the source of the problem. If all the pumps are working correctly, they must quickly scan the points at which the lines enter the patient's body, to verify that they are all still in their proper place.

If all of that is fine, they must then trace every line from the pump to the patient, to make sure there are no problems with the IV tubing. Until the IV Line Organizer, there was no solution available to provide optimized IV Line Management.

In the critical care environment patients often require multiple infusion pumps. With each pump driving multiple lines, a patient could easily have over a dozen IV lines. It is common for these lines to become tangled, kinked, knotted, and shoved under the bed or out of the way. Again, this is an opportunity to improve patient safety by organizing the lines and straightening up the mess.

That is why the IV Line Organizer is rapidly establishing new leading practices for managing IV lines in the Critical Care environment. The IV Line Organizer is a patented device, designed to keep every IV line separate and distinct, so that critical care nurses can visually assess each line in seconds, from its source to the patient. No more tangled lines making a pile of "IV spaghetti".

Second only to patient safety, is patient comfort. Many patients are required to get out of bed to walk around after surgery or go to the bathroom. This can be tricky with multiple IV lines. The lines often get tangled and cause a variety of problems when patients attempt to perform these simple tasks. The IV Line Organizer keeps the lines in control and out of the way.

When a patient's family sees a big ball of tangled lines running from the pumps to various points in their loved one’s body it can leave a negative impression. This simple device will instill confidence that the critical care nursing staff knows exactly what's going on, with each and every line.

In the critical care environment, it is a best practice for nurses to check each IV line from its source to the patient at least twice per shift. Depending on the number of IV lines being used, the IV Line Organizer could save several minutes per inspection.

One of the most significant opportunities of using the IV Line Organizer is in risk mitigation. Positive patient outcomes are the result of focusing on patient safety.