Introduction to the IV Line Organizer

Follow Liz Steichen, ICU nurse, as she describes the problem faced by all healthcare providers.

The IV Line Organizer is the solution to helping manage IV spaghetti. The IVLO prevents IV lines from getting tangled or caught on other objects.

The IV Line Organizer helps to mitigate medication administration errors by making it easier for medical practitioners to follow and trace lines from the pump to the patient.

Instructions for using the IV Line Organizer

Follow 3 easy steps to properly use the IV Line Organizer. Step 1: Take the first IV line near the pump or pole and thread it under the tabs into a channel of the first organizer. Step 2: Follow that same IV line and thread it under the tabs and into the same channel of the second organizer, which should be closer to the patient. Repeat steps 1 & 2 until all the IV lines have been installed. Step 3: Once all the lines are installed, take an IV Line Organizer in each hand and apply gentle pressure to remove any slack from the lines.

Reasons to use the IV Line Organizer

This product was developed to address the issue of a messy and tangled pile or ball of IV lines.

Patient safety is our priority which is why we invented the IV Line Organizer to ensure positive patient outcomes are achieved.

One of the many benefits of using the IV Line Organizer is to enhance patient mobility and ensure that the IV lines are not causing a problem every time the patient sits up or moves around.